New Library Parking Lot is Open!

The long wait is over!  After years of issues with parking shortages the expansion of the library lot is nearly complete.  There are 16 additional spaces in the new overflow lot. In addition, vertical (not parallel) parking is now available on the sports field access road, doubling the spaces in that area.  A convenient staircase was added for easy access to the library parking lot.  We are awaiting some final touches, but we will be opening the lot on Tuesday!
Since we don’t yet have lines drawn or other parking space demarcation, we ask that you look at the pictures below and follow the parking pattern displayed so we can get as many cars in these new spaces as possible.
These are photos of the overflow lot in the rear of the library.  To maximize the number of spaces, please park to the left and right of the entrance as close to the car next to you as possible, starting with the space nearest the main lot on the left, and furthest from the lot on the right (as above). Parking is only on the sides of the lot, not center or back.  We’ll try to have staff available next week to help with the new parking patterns.
These photos are of the access road.  Please park vertically with your hood or trunk facing the library.  This area is no longer a parallel parking area.
Please do not park in front of the stairs from the access road to the library.
Please be aware that the Library Parking Lot
is for Library Parking ONLY during
Library Hours & Library Events!

If you are attending an event at the sports field during library hours or library events, you must park on the access road, at the Bellingham High School or at the Bellingham Memorial Middle School.

If you are parked in the lot, and are not in the library, we may call the police to ticket or tow, at their discretion. This applies even if you arrive to park when the library is closed and the library opens after your arrival.  It also applies if you were at the library but then went to an event at the field.
Please remember, if spaces are available in the library lot, overflow lot or along the access road, no vehicle should be parked in the library lot in an area that is not a designated parking space. Those vehicles will be subject to ticketing or towing at the discretion of the police.

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