Young Adult Area Renovation Update

Update:  April 19, 2016
We see the light at the end of the tunnel!  This week we expect to receive the new entry doors to the area.  Today we received the cubbies for the students bookbags.  Next week the electrician will be here to install the audiovisual equipment and the library shelving will be delivered and installed.  Once those items are completed, we will begin moving items back into the area to prepare for the grand opening of the teen space, which is tentatively scheduled for Friday, May 13th at 6 pm.  This is the night of the Friends of the Library Members Only Book Sale.  Join at the door for $10 and get first access.  The public book sale is Saturday, May 14th.

Update:  March 24, 2016
The final paint coat has been applied and the amazing new carpet has been installed.  We are waiting for doors, shelving and AV equipment to arrive.  We anticipate a mid to late May grand opening date!

Update:  March 11, 2016
You may have noticed that surrounding construction area has been removed and you can now see the new wall from the main part of the library!  The first coat of paint has been applied to the walls and all of the electrical and lighting work has been completed!  The carpeting should be installed within a few weeks and we have begun ordering furnishings for the space.  The room is really shaping up beautifully and we look forward to scheduling its grand opening!  We anticipate knowing the grand opening date by mid-April.

Update:  February 25, 2016
The wallboard has been taped and sanded in preparation for painting!  Door frames have been installed.  More new lighting will be installed and then the HVAC and Sprinkler upgrades will be made.  Wall colors have been selected.

Update:  February 9, 2016
All wallboard with sound insulation is installed.  This week HVAC and Sprinkler systems will be modified to meet the demands of the new space.  Carpet is on order.  This week the teens will have the opportunity to vote on paint colors!

Update: January 29, 2016
Construction is underway and the space is beginning to transform!  All of the rough electrical work has been completed, new lighting has been installed, wall board and soundproofing insulation is being installed, and carpet has been selected!  The project is moving forward!  We anticipate grand opening in the spring; date to be announced!

Update:  January 18, 2015
Last week, the construction began!    The construction area has been surrounded by plastic, the old carpet and ceiling tiles have been removed and today we received the delivery of the new wall board, insulation and other construction materials.

Update:  January 5, 2015

We anticipate the renovation will be starting on Monday, January 11th.  On that day the contractor will be installing plastic sheeting to demarcate the renovation area.

Update:  December 23, 2015

Over school vacation week we will be finishing emptying out the space of all collections and (most) furniture and the area will be blocked off from patron access with construction tape. Moving forward!

Update:  December 14, 2015

The computers that were located in the YA area have been moved to the aisle between the nonfiction and large print (near the seismograph).

We have begun moving furniture into the temporary YA space that will be in the back of the reference area.

Effective today the Quiet Study Room at the library will be able to be used by up to 5 people at a time. We will shortly be moving study carrels into the room, with electricity at each carrel for laptops, etc. Room rules are posted on the door and in the room.

The Local History Room will continue to be available for individuals and small group meetings for up to one hour (longer if no one is waiting to use the room), on a first come, first served basis.

Update: December 8, 2015

With funds approved at the October 2015 Town Meeting, we are moving forward with the plans to renovate the Young Adult Area of the library.  This renovation includes a walled space, creating a renovated separate room with new carpeting, ceiling and lighting for afterschool activities and library collections for middle and high school students.  It also includes:  Age appropriate library collections, computers and other technology and comfortable seating areas; double doors that open to the main part of the library, that will be kept open at quiet times and closed during the busier, afterschool hours; new furniture and equipment. The plan also includes the installation of an additional emergency exit from the area, as well as a new private study room that will accommodate 2-3 people.


We anticipate the project will start in mid-January. Over the next few weeks the YA area will be emptied to prepare for the renovation.

Where will everything go? What will be different?

Quiet Space as the library will be a construction area, totally quiet spaces may be difficult to find during the renovation.  However, we will be converting the current Quiet Room into a Group Quiet Room.  The space will be updated to have divided spaces so at least 5 people can share the space, with no talking, no cellphones, and no audio on computers.  We ask that people respect the Group Quiet Room Rules (which will be posted) so that we can provide the quietest space possible during the renovation.

Temporary YA Area will be located in the rear of the reference area, surrounded by book cases to delineate the space.

Computers – the computers that are currently located in the YA area will be moving to the area between the large print and nonfiction books.

Video Games – have been moved to one of the display bookcases near the copier.

DVDs – will be interfiled with the adult DVD collection.

Furniture – much of the furniture will be relocated to the temporary YA area or other spaces in the library.

Books & Other Collections

  • Fiction, Series & Manga – Portions of these collections will be moving to the temporary YA Area.
  • Other portions of the above collections and other collections (nonfiction, books on CD, etc) will be put in storage for the duration of the project and will not be available.
  • If you’d like an item in the catalog with a status of “Storage” see a staff member so the title can be requested for you from another library.


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