Children’s Room Carpeting & Renovation Project

We have begun preparations for the renovation and carpeting of the children’s room of the library. This project will require that we empty the children’s room of all of its contents.
What collections will be available during the renovation?
So starting sometime in mid to late February, we will begin moving collections out of the room to the temporary shelving that will be located in the former magazine section of the library.  In that area, we will have a limited collection of children’s library books and materials, but it will include some titles for all ages including picture books, early readers, intermediate readers, fiction, series, nonfiction, new books and DVDs.  If there is space some audiobooks and graphic novels may be available for checkout.
What happens if the books I need are not available?
At some point before the room closes, the status of all of the items in the children’s room will be changed to storage.  When that happens, any items you put on hold from home will not be coming from our collection, but from other libraries in our network.
Once the room closes the only collections that will be available will be those in the temporary area. Anything marked storage that is not in that area will not be accessible for the term of the renovation and will need to be requested from other libraries.
We have contacted the Bellingham schools to get information from teachers on book titles and topics that will be needed for school projects.  In the event the topic or book your child needs is not available, we will request it for you from another library.  We ask that you keep this in mind and plan accordingly.
What does the renovation entail?

In addition to new carpeting, when the room reopens there will be a new layout that will make materials much easier to locate.  All collections will be on shelving parallel to the windows.  The preschool area will be enlarged by at least 5 feet (maybe more)!  In addition to new carpeting and some new shelving, there will be updated technology, an iPad Krayon Kiosk, as well as a completely renovated preschool play area that will include new tables, updated furniture, and educational toys that will be funded by our “Mind in the Making” LSTA grant.

The Bellingham Library is one of 9 libraries in the state that was awarded a federal LSTA (Library Technology & Services Act) Mind in the Making grant by the Massachusetts Board of Library Commissioners.
Mind in the Making grants assist libraries in developing innovative programming and spaces that encourage invention and tinkering, where children ages 0-6 can explore simple concepts in tactile, real ways. This kind of space fuels a child’s natural curiosity and teaches valuable lessons by helping them develop fine motor skills, problem solving abilities, and peer relationships.
We also anticipate creating creativity kits that can be borrowed by parents and caregivers, or used in local preschools.
We see our children’s room as being a newly organized, newly carpeted, bright space for the preschool and elementary school children of Bellingham, and look forward to opening it later this spring!

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