Summer Reading Kickoff: Magician Matias Letelier

Wednesday, June 28. 2017
7-8 pm
Bellingham High School auditorium.

For families. Stop in, no registration required. Doors to auditorium will open around 6:45pm.

Have you ever witnessed an energetic magician perform with tons of kids surrounding him, unable to turn their heads away from him, totally engaged and entertained with every trick; saying aaaawwwww about his cute live bunny, and raising their hands to be part of the show over and over again? Have you ever experienced that before? If your answers are no then you haven’t seen Matias Letelier because that is precisely what he does!

His unique blend of children’s magic, clean comedy, high energy, children’s music, live bunnies, and (most importantly) lots of kids’ participation will help you make our summer reading kickoff entertaining and also memorable!

Matias was voted Best Children’s Magic Show in NY in 2012, 2013, 2014, and 2015! Come see why!!!


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