Library Cards

Any resident of Massachusetts may register for a Bellingham Public Library card provided that he or she resides in a Massachusetts community that has a public library that meets the minimum standards set by the Massachusetts Board of Library Commissioners.  Individuals whose primary residence is in a Massachusetts community where the library has been decertified will not have borrowing privileges at the Bellingham Public Library.  Residents of other states may apply for a Bellingham Public Library card and must pay an annual fee of $35 for the card. To obtain a card, applicants must present a photo ID with proof of address.

Each patron must have his or her library card to check out materials or use the library Internet computers.  A change of address or lost library card should be reported as soon as possible.

Library cards are replaced for a fee of $1.00.  Patrons wishing to obtain a ‘key card’ (a key-ring library card) may ask for one at the front desk.  There is a $1.00 fee and you must relinquish your old library card and number.