Photography and Video Policy

Photography and Video Policy

Requests to take photographs or video footage in the library building
Requests to take photographs or video footage in the library building* will be referred to the Library Director or his/her designee. Individuals taking photographs or video footage in the library will be asked to stop until they have received approval from the Director or his/her designee.

If permission is given, the name and contact information of the photographer will be kept on file with the Director.

The Director or his/her designee may give permission to photograph or video the building and its contents.  Permission to photograph or video individuals must be granted by those individuals or their guardians.

Publishing photos or videos of the library without the permission of the Library Director may result in the suspension of library privileges.

*Permission to photograph or video individual book pages, maps and other items in the library collection for artistic or educational purposes may be granted by the Director or reference staff.  Patrons may photocopy library materials within the limitations of U.S. Copyright Law.

Photography by library staff for internal and promotional purposes

Library staff must have the consent of each individual photographed or videoed. Permission forms will be kept on file in the Director’s Office.