The Amazing Chase – April 13-April 20, 2013

Bellingham Public Library
April 13-April 20, 2013

DIRECTIONS: Congratulations on signing up for The Amazing Chase! Listed below are tasks that you are to complete as a team. Many of these tasks will take you around Bellingham, while some can be done in the comfort of your own home. You will notice that only ten tasks are listed. Tasks 10-15 are sequential, so you will have to complete one in order to find out the next one. You have until Saturday, April 20 at 5pm to hand in these proofs to the library, either in a folder or an envelope with your team name on the outside. After the contest is finished, you will be able to take back this packet. All teams who complete all challenges will get a small prize and be entered to win a $25 restaurant gift certificate.

If you have any questions, call the library at (508) 966-1660 or email Mr. Steve at Have fun!

Task #1: Create a Team Logo
You must bring this team logo with you as you complete all tasks; also, the team logo must appear in every photograph. The team logo will be included in the final packet.

Task #2: Create Team Costumes
Take a picture of your team wearing team costumes; you do not need to wear costumes as you complete tasks. Be creative!

Task 3: Cheeto Head
Choose an adult to perform this stunt. The adult should put on a shower cap (or a similar covering on head). Other team members should put lots of shaving cream on the adult’s head and then stand two feet back. Set the timer for one minute and throw Cheetos (or whatever you choose) at the adult’s head to try to get them to stick on the shaving cream. At the end of the time, take a picture of the adult with the “Cheeto Head.” Make sure to include your team’s logo!

Task #4: Count the Ways
Count the number of green garbage bins at the town common. Make sure you remember the number – you will need to tell us later what it is!

Task #5: Barnes & Noble
At least two team members must find a book written by an author who shares their first names. Take a picture of them holding the books. Don’t forget your team’s logo!

Task #6: Name that Street!
Bellingham was named for a former governor of the Massachusetts Bay Colony. Find out his first name then locate the avenue in Bellingham that bears his name. Take a team picture under the street sign. Don’t forget your logo!

Task #7: Gummy Bear Pie
Pick one or more team members to participate. Place in front of each contestant a pie plate filled with whipped cream (or a similar substance) and five gummy bears. On “go,” all contestants dive head first into their pie to retrieve the gummy bears buried underneath all the whipped cream. The first one to eat all five gummies is the winner. No hands! Take a picture of all the participants AFTER the contest is over. Make sure to include your team’s logo!

Task #8: It’s a Blast
Answer this question: at Tuttle Field, how many meters is the centerfield fence from home plate? Remember this number – you’ll need to tell us later how much it is!

Task #9: Never Forget
Two parts! Take a picture of team members in front of the Soldier’s Memorial (also known as the Civil War Memorial). Also, tell us the number of names that are engraved on it. Don’t forget your logo.

Task #10: To the Library!
It’s off to the library. Among our many nonfiction books about the civil war, you will find some sheets of paper on page 56 in one of the books. Take one of the sheets and decode the message to find out your next destination! This sheet will need to be included in your final packet so hold onto it. Make sure you bring your team logo!

Tasks #11 – #15
These tasks will be revealed as you complete the previous task, beginning with task #10. Make sure you bring your team logo with you when you do these tasks. Also, bring a camera! You will need it.

At the completion of your final task, you will receive a checklist that lists all items needed to act as proof that you accomplished all the tasks. Compile these items in a folder or an envelope and give the package to the library. Then you will have completed The Amazing Chase!