Alphabits – April 11, 2013


Song: Alphabet Song

Story: Chicka Chicka Boom Boom (by Bill Martin, Jr.)

Activity: Foam Letter Stickers
We put out a whole bunch of foam letter stickers and the kids were given the task of finding each letter in their name then sticking it onto a sheet

Activity: Action A to Z
We all pretended to be 26 different animals, one at a time – starting with A and ending with Z!

Activity: Parachute
We brought out the big parachuteWe put on music and the kids danced underneath while the grown-ups held it high.

Activity: Alphabet Soup
After the parachute, the kids each picked up a letter from those scattered around the room.

Story: The Sleepy Little Alphabet (by Judy Sierra)
After the story, we put the letters down for a nap.

Song: Alphabet Song
We all sang the Alphabet song one last time