Alphabits – January 23 and 24, 2013

(please note: this is a general idea of what happened during Alphabits. Variations occur between Wednesday and Thursday classes depending on how many children are present, attention level, etc.)

Song: Alphabet Song

Activity: Show and Tell
The children shared what they brought that begins with the letter Q!

Story: Shhh! Don’t Tell Mr. Wolf (by Colin McNaughton)
The kids had to be verrrrry quiet listening to this story and NOT tell Mr. Wolf where Preston Pig is hiding!

Activity: Queen Craft
Kids colored in a letter Q to look like a queen’s face, and then they put a crown on top.

Activity: Word Bingo
Each child was given a coloring page of something that begins with Q. In between coloring their pages, letters were chosen out of a basket. If their Q word had that letter in it, they circled it. Once every letter in their word was circled, they have BINGO! The words this week were quilt, quiet and queen.

Activity: Hail to the Queen!
The kids learned how to bow and curtsy, and other rules should they ever meet a queen!

Activity: Parachute
We brought out the big parachuteWe did some activities and then we put on music and the kids danced underneath while the grown-ups held it high.

Song: Alphabet Song
After the parachute, the kids each chose a letter from those scattered on the floor. Then we all sang the Alphabet song one more time; this time, when we say each letter of the Alphabet, the boy or girl holding that letter is encouraged to hold it up high.