Alphabits – March 15, 2012

(please note: this is a general idea of what happened during Alphabits. Variations occur between 10:15am and 11:15am classes depending on how many children are present, attention level, etc.)

Song: Alphabet Song x2
Second time “zippy” (super fast)

Activity: Show and Tell
Who wants to share what they brought beginning with the letter Z?

Story: Dumb Bunnies Go to the Zoo (by Sue Denim)

Activity: Hide and Seek Zoo Animals
Twelve zoo animals are hiding around the room…and the kids found them all!

Game: Name Bingo
Each child has his or her name tag, with his/her name written in all capital letters. We put all of the foam letters in a tote and choose them one by one. As each letter is shown, the children look at their name tags and if they have that letter in their name, they circle it with a crayon. When all the letters in their name are circled, they yell, “BINGO!”

Song: Silly ABCs
After all the foam letters from Name Bingo are stuck back onto the board, they are in a random and crazy order. A perfect time to sing the Silly ABCs: when the first letter might be a Q and the last letter a B!

Activity: Alphabet Soup
Each child is given a foam letter to hold. When they lie down with their eyes closed, matching mats are scattered around the room. The children then open their eyes and find the mat that matches their letter.

Song: Alphabet Song
Now that the children are sitting down with their letters and matching mats, we all sing the Alphabet song one more time; this time, when we say each letter of the Alphabet, the boy or girl holding that letter is encouraged to hold it up high.