Alphabits – March 20 and 21, 2013

(please note: this is a general idea of what happened during Alphabits. Variations occur between Wednesday and Thursday classes depending on how many children are present, attention level, etc.)

Song: Alphabet Song

Activity: Show and Tell
The children shared what they brought that begins with the letter X!

Story: Not a Box (by Antoinette Portis)

Activity: EXercises
We did an exercise routine to celebrate the letter X – including making a giant X, doing sit ups and jumping jacks!

Activity: X Coloring Page
In the bag was an animal. To figure out what animal it was, the kids had a coloring sheet with eight different animals. We gave clues about the animal in the bag. If the clue did not fit one of the animals on the coloring page, the kids put a giant “X” through the pictures, until one animal remained!

Activity: Parachute
We brought out the big parachuteWe put on music and the kids danced underneath while the grown-ups held it high.

Activity: Alphabet Soup
After the parachute, the kids each picked up a letter from those scattered around the room.

Song: Alphabet Song
We all sang the Alphabet song one more time; this time, when we say each letter of the Alphabet, the boy or girl holding that letter is encouraged to hold it up high.