Alphabits – September 6 and 12, 2012

(please note: this is a general idea of what happened during Alphabits. Variations occur between Wednesday and Thursday classes depending on how many children are present, attention level, etc.)

Song: Alphabet Song

Activity: Show and Tell
Who wants to share what they brought beginning with the letter A?

Story: Alligator Alphabet (by Stella Blackstone)

Song: Alligator
While listening to a song about an alligator, we all make alligator jaws with our arms

Activity: Guess the Animal
Five stuffed animals were hiding in the bin. Given clues, the kids tried to guess which animals they were. And they did a great job!

Activity: Hide the “A” Item
When the kids weren’t looking, we hid an armadillo and an apple. Were they BEHIND the book? UNDER the hat? INSIDE the basket?

Game: Name Bingo
Each child has his or her name tag, with his/her name written in all capital letters. We put all of the foam letters in a tote and choose them one by one. As each letter is shown, the children look at their name tags and if they have that letter in their name, they circle it with a crayon. When all the letters in their name are circled, they yell, “BINGO!”

Song: The Ants Go Marching
We acted and sang the song

Activity: Alphabet Soup
Each child was given a foam letter to hold. When they lied down with their eyes closed, matching mats are scattered around the room. The children then opened their eyes and found the mat that matched their letter.

Song: Alphabet Song
Now that the children are sitting down with their letters and matching mats, we all sing the Alphabet song one more time; this time, when we say each letter of the Alphabet, the boy or girl holding that letter is encouraged to hold it up high.