GOT Mail Story Time – April 2, 2013


Activity: Read Letter
Today’s letter was from Eggbert – who told us all about eggs. Eggbert mentioned that in the “egg world,” everybody has egg in front of their name. For example, if Mr. Steve were an egg, his name would be “Eggmrsteve.” We went around the room figuring out what everybody’s egg name would be. Then Eggbert asked the kids an age-old question: “What came first – the chicken or the egg?” It started a hot debate, with the boys voting one way and the girls voting the other. Then Eggbert told us about a few of his favorite stories about eggs and gave us some eggciting activities to do!

Story:  The Cow Who Laid the Egg (by Andy Cutbill)

Activity: Fork Eggercises
The kids each held a plastic fork, which held a plastic egg. Their job was to balance the egg while doing all sorts of movement activities – including marching, jumping and reaching high!

Story: Horton Hatches the Egg (by Dr. Seuss)

Craft: Plastic Egg Decorating
Using markers and foam letters, the kids decorated their own plastic eggs!