GOT Mail Story Time – April 23, 2013

THEME: Squirrels

Activity: Read Letter
Today’s letter was from Squirrel E.! Squirrel E. loves being a squirrel so he gave us two squirrel books to read, told us about a couple of fun activities and even had a craft for us to do!

Story:  Those Darn Squirrels (by Adam Rubin)

Activity: Hide and Seek Acorns
Squirrels love acorns – and 18 of them were hiding around the room. The kids had to find them – and FAST!

Story: Scaredy Squirrel (by Melanie Watt)

Activity: The Squirrel Dance
To the music of the Chicken Dance, the kids made us their very own squirrel dance! It was great fun.

Craft: Clothespin Flowers
Since Squirrel E. loves to give Mrs. Squirrel E. a flower every day, he showed us how to make these neat flowers!