GOT Mail Story Time – April 9, 2013

THEME: Friends

Activity: Read Letter
Today’s letter was from Rufus, Ms. Zoe’s dog! Rufus told us all about how he and Zoe are best friends and he talked about all the great things that friends do for each other. He showed us his favorite friendship book for Ms. Zoe to read out loud to the boys and girls. Rufus also had a game for us to play, and a fun friendship craft too!

Story:  Sandwich Swap (by Queen Rania)

Activity: Yarn Friendship Web
We sat in a circle with a ball of yarn. We threw the ball of yarn from one child to the next. When a child was holding onto the yarn, s/he had to answer a question about him/herself since it is important for friends to know things about each other.

Craft: Friendship Frames
The kids each got a square of card stock and four Popsicle sticks. They glued the Popsicles to make a frame around the card stock and then they drew a picture of their best friend(s)!