GOT Mail Story Time – February 12, 2013

THEME: The 1960s

Open the Mail
We had a letter from the 1960s which used slang and told us gave us some ideas for groovy activities and even gave us a couple of famous books to read from the 1960s!

Story: The Giving Tree (by Shel Silverstein)

Activity: The Twist
Like we did last summer! We danced to the song made famous by Chubby Checker!

Story: Green Eggs and Ham (by Dr. Seuss)

Activity: Chinese Fire Drills
We lined up chairs to make a big “van” and practiced Chinese Fire Drills! Lots of fun but the ultimate “don’t try this at home” activity!

Craft: Love Beads
The kids made peace necklaces by stringing on love beads!