GOT Mail Story Time – January 15, 2013

THEME: Skippyjon Jones

Open the Mail
We had a letter from Skippyjon Jones! He taught us some Spanish!

Story: Skippyjon Jones (by Judith Schachner)

Activity: Mexican Hat Dance
We played the music and did the dance – all around a huge Mexican hat!

Story: Skippyjon Jones Cirque de Ole (by Judith Schachner)

Craft: Bumble-ito Maraco
1. Fold a paper plate in half
2. Staple all along sides, leaving top open
3. Put some frijoles (beans) inside
4. Staple top of maraco
5. Color in bumblebee
6. Glue bumblebee to front of paper plate
7. Add streamers to the back of paper plate
8. Shake!