GOT Mail Story Time – January 22, 2013

THEME: Tricksters

Open the Mail
We had a letter from Trick E. He tricked us by saying that we were supposed to read a long boring chapter book called Twilight. Silly Trick E.!

Story: The Fox and the Hen (by Eric Battut)

Activity: What’s Wrong? Hide & Seek
Five things in the community room were different than they normally are. The kids searched for them and…they found them!

Story: My Lucky Day (by Keiko Kasza)

Activity: Do as I Say, Not as I Do
The leader says to do something but then does something else. The kids are to listen to what the leader SAYS not what s/he does. It’s tricky!

Craft: Tricky Eggs
Each child got an egg shape that they had to decorate to make it look like something else…a ladybug, perhaps? The possibilities were endless!