GOT Mail Story Time – January 29, 2013

THEME: Amelia Bedelia’s Birthday

Open the Mail
We had a letter from Mr. Steve. He told the kids that today was Amelia Bedelia’s 50th birthday so we had a party!!

Story: Amelia Bedelia’s First Valentine (by Herman Parish)

Activity: Hide & Seek – Amelia Bedelia style
Oh no! Amelia Bedelia’s friend said she lost her mind! The kids helped Amelia look around the room for it but we couldn’t find it. It turns out that Amelia’s friend didn’t really lose her mind – it was an expression!

Activity: Pretend to be Amelia Bedelia
If someone gave Amelia Bedelia a birthday hat, would she know what to do with it? The kids thought of different places she might put it…on her nose, her ear, her knees or even think that it is an empty ice cream cone!

Activity: Sing Happy Birthday to Amelia

Story: Amelia Bedelia’s First Sleepover (by Herman Parish)

Craft: Amelia Bedelia’s Bonnet
The kids colored in these Amelia Bedelia bonnets (go to page 9), tied some string around them and wore it!