GOT Mail Story Time – March 12, 2013


Activity: Read Letter
Today’s letter was from Happy Hatter – the Mad Hatter’s cousin! He told us all about why he loves hats and gave us hat-tastic activities to do – including reading three great hat books!

Story: I Want My Hat Back (by Jon Klassen)

Activity: Hat Hide & Seek/Matching
The kids found out that fifteen pictures of hats were hidden around the room; they needed to find the 15 hats and match them with the person who is missing them. They did a great job!

Story: This is Not My Hat (by Jon Klassen)

Activity: Mexican Hat Potato
We passed around a sombrero around a circle to the music of the Mexican Hat Dance!

Story: The Hat (by Jan Brett)

Craft: I Want My Hat Back hat
Kids colored in and cut out hats similar to the one in the story!