GOT Mail Story Time – March 5, 2013

THEME: Happy Pig Day!

Activity: Read Letter
Today’s letter was from the Pigeon! He told us all about Happy Pig Day and gave us some ideas on activities we can do. Yay!

Story: Happy Pig Day! (by Mo Willems)

Activity: Animal Calls
Any animal is invited to celebrate Happy Pig Day! The kids all pretended they were different animals and came to the party!

Activity: Pig Songs
We sang silly Happy Pig Day songs like Happy Pig Day, Twinkle, Twinkle Little Pig and Mary Had a Little Pig!

Activity: Pass the Pig
We stood in a circle and passed around a pig puppet, hot potato-style!

Activity: Horky Porky
We did the Hokey Pokey as pigs do it!

Story: The Pig Who Wished (by Joyce Dunbar)

Craft: Piggie Faces
The kids colored Piggie’s face, cut it out and then taped a Popsicle stick onto it to make their very own Piggie faces!