GOT Mail Story Time – November 6, 2012

THEME: Elections

Open the Mail
We opened a letter from the first President of the United States – George Washington! He told us a little bit about elections and then we read a speech from him.

Story: Duck for President (by Doreen Cronin)

Activity: Kids Speak
Here at the library, we don’t forget that kids have important things to say too. Boys and girls who had something to say, stood behind the podium and said it!

Story: Vote for Me (by Ben Clanton)

Activity: Presidents Matching
The kids were each given a picture of a past U.S. President that they needed to find the match for. It wasn’t as easy as it sounds – lots of powder wigs!

Activity: Kids Vote
By placing either a picture of President Obama or Governor Romney in the voting box, the kids decided who they would vote for President. And the kids’ winner was…Barack Obama!

Craft: I Voted Stickers
The kids colored in I Voted stickers.