GOT Mail Story Time – October 2, 2012

THEME: The Circus

Open the Mail
We had a letter from Juggles the Clown! It was super exciting to read about all of the activities he thought we would like to do – including walking a tightrope, juggling, jumping through hoops and going on the Merry Go Round!

Story: Circus (by Lois Ehlert)

Activity: Tight Rope
Using incredible balance, the kids tried not to fall off the “tight rope” – masking tape on the floor!

Activity: Juggling
The kids all tried to juggle one ball. They did a great job! Then there were some who tried juggling two balls…

Story: Sidewalk Circus (by Sid Fleischman)

Activity: Merry Go Round
We brought out the parachute and the kids went around in a circle holding it, faster and faster – like a merry go round!

Craft: Activity Sheets
The kids did various activity sheets about the circus!