GOT Mail Story Time – October 23, 2012

THEME: Farms

Open the Mail
We had a letter from Old MacDonald, and we learned what was new on the farm.

Story: The Cow Who Clucked (by Denise Fleming)

Activity: Rooster Crows
The kids all imagined that they were farm animals. Then they pretended to sleep. When they heard the rooster crow, they all woke up and pretended they were whatever animal they imagined.

Activity: Hide and Seek Farm Animals
Old MacDonald is missing some animals! The kids looked around and found them all – much to Old MacDonald’s pleasure.

Story: Minerva Louise and teh Red Truck (by Janet Stoeke)

Activity: Egg Toss
The kids partnered up and carefully tossed back and forth chicken eggs (OK, they were foam eggs but we pretended). Don’t drop it!

Activity: Pig Snorting
Sitting in a circle, the kids all took turns giving their best pig snort. They did awesome!

Craft: Farm Activity Sheet
The kids cut out pictures of farm animals and pasted them onto the picture of the farm.