GOT Mail Story Time – September 18, 2012

THEME: Pirates

Open the Mail
We had a letter from Captain Hook! We discussed Talk Like a Pirate Day and learned about the activities he planned for us!

Story: How I Became a Pirate (by Melinda Long)

Activity: Treasure Hunt
Captain Hook hid 25 gold coins around the room. The kids spread out and found them all!

Activity: Walk the Plank
The kids pretended to be scallywags and had to walk the plank. Aaargh!

Story: Pirates Don’t Change Diapers (by Melinda Long)

Activity: Talk Like a Pirate
Using a sheet that Captain Hook included in his letter to us, the kids learned some pirate terms such as “me hearty,” “Jolly Roger,” and “shiver me timbers!”

Craft: Pirate Hooks
Using aluminum foil and Styrofoam cups, the kids made their very own hooks!