GOT Mail Story Time – September 25, 2012

THEME: Superheroes

Open the Mail
We had a letter from Superman! It was super exciting to read about all of the activities he thought we would like to do – including gaining X-Ray vision, mind-reading ability and superhuman strength!

Story: Max (by Bob Graham)

Activity: Mind Reader
Forming their newly-found mind-reading abilities, the kids had to find and rescue 24 superheroes who were scattered around the room.

Activity: X-Ray Vision
Using X-Ray vision, the kids had to see what was hiding in the basket. They did a great job!

Story: The Astonishing Secret of Awesome Man (by Michael Chabon)

Activity: Superhuman Strength
Working with a superhero partner, each group of two had to save and carry all of the animals from the zoo and bring them to safety as quickly as they could

Craft: Create a Superhero
The kids created and drew their very own superheroes and superpowers – including Rainbow Girl, who saves rainbows from disappearing!