GOT Story Time – February 14, 2012


Circle Time: Love
Passing a heart on a stick around the circle, each child named something that s/he loves. The answers were very unique and creative: from alligators to superheroes to grandma, and many more!

Story: Little Bear’s Valentine (by Else Minarik)

Activity: Heal the Broken Hearts
First, we discussed what it means if someone has a broken heart. The kids then were told that there were four hearts hidden around the room – one blue, one red, one light purple and one dark purple. But – oh no! – the hearts are all in pieces because they are broken. The kids found the pieces of the hearts (each heart “puzzle” had four pieces) and then we put the hearts back together to make them happy!

Story: Amelia Bedelia’s First Valentine (by Herman Parish)

Craft: Heart-Shaped Finger Puppet
From; see the craft here