GOT Story Time – May 8, 2012


Circle Time: Favorite Letter
We went around the circle asking the boys and girls what their favorite letters are. Surprisingly (not!), 24 of the kids named the first letter of his/her first name; one child had a different favorite letter.

Story: Z is for Moose (by Kelly Bingham)

Activity: Flying Letters
With the kids lying down on their backs, all 26 letters of the alphabet were thrown above them like frisbees. When all the letters were flung, the kids each picked up one letter and we put them all in order.

Story: Alpha Oops!: The Day Z Went First (by Alethea Kontis)

Activity: ABC Bingo
Armed with a blank ABC Bingo card and a crayon, each child played ABC Bingo. First one to have all the letters on his or her card called wins!