Cartwheel Book Awards

Are you between the ages of 8-12? Do you like to read books? If so, the 2014 Cartwheel Book Award committee might just be for you! We are seeking committee members who will be willing to read 10 books over the course of 2014. These books will all be copyrighted in 2014, so they will be brand-new. In December, committee members will put forward their votes for categories such as Favorite Male Character, Favorite Female Character, Best Ending, Favorite Book, etc. Then, in January of 2015, we will have a special awards evening where committee members and their families will be invited to have dinner at the library while we announce the winners of the second annual Cartwheel Book Awards.

Interested in Becoming a Committee Member?
Send an email to Mr. Steve at!

Books Up for Consideration
See the list here. It’s updated every time we add a new book to the list.