Print, Copy, Scan & Fax Services and 3D Printing!

The library offers state of the art printing and copying services.  Patrons are able to print to a copier/printer that offers printing in black and white and in high quality color.  The same printer/copier also serves as a public copier for reproducing documents, photographs, book pages, etc. , again in black and white and in high quality color.

The library also has one Windows computer station that has an attached scanner so patrons can scan documents, photographs, book pages, etc and either print them or save them to a file.

The library has a fax machine that is used by staff to send and receive faxes for the public.  The cost of faxes, sending or receiving is $1.00 per page.  The library will not fax internationally.



03dscubeIn 2014 with grant funds the library was able to purchase a Cube 3D Printer and Scanner from  Classes are offered on a monthly basis on the use and operation of the printer and those who attend the classes are welcome to be trained on how to use the printer without staff intervention.  Find out more by looking at these documents:

Introduction to 3D Printing